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In-store show at Origami Vinyl with The Voyeurs, Nov 28

Hi everybody–

People have been asking us about where one can buy a copy of the “In The Key Of Bicycle Bell” EP.  You can get it from us, but it’s also for sale at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park (next to 2 Boots Pizza and The Echo), and to celebrate this fact we are playing an in-store show at Origami with The Voyeurs on Saturday, November 28 at 7pm.   Early show, all-ages, free.  Like so:


Come witness all 9 of us attempt to cram ourselves into the performance space at Origami.  I believe there may be some Sound-Of-Music-style occupation of the spiral staircase.  We shall see!

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$5 for tonight’s show

A reminder–there is still room on the $5 list for this evening’s show at the Echo. Please send us your name(s) at cobralilies (at) or via myspace.

Thanks all!

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Discount list for Tuesday’s Echo show

Hi all–

We have a 20-person $5 list for Tuesday’s show at the Echo–the first 20 people who contact us with their name(s) can get in for $5 instead of $8. We go on early (9pm), it’s our first time at the Echo, and we’re going to put on a fun fun fun show! Our only show of the month, in fact!

So yes, please send us your names–you can reach us at:
cobralilies (at) or via myspace.

Thanks! We’d love to see you there!


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At the Echo, Tuesday October 20

We Cobra Lilies have an exciting show coming up at the Echo this coming Tuesday (the 20th). We go on early, at 9pm, as is the Cobra Lilies way. This is CL’s first time playing the Echo and we are excited that there will be enough room for our shenanigans. 18+, so almost all-ages.

We are opening for Cincinnati’s dance-rock cuties Bad Veins and their tourmates The Subjects. Interestingly The Subjects apparently have a member named “Cobra.” What will happen when Cobra meets the Lilies? We shall see! The show is $8 but my understanding is that there will be a discount list–stay tuned about that.

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Fare Thee Well Ashley Lily

It is with sadness that I announce the resignation of intrepid bassist Ashley Lily from the ranks of the Cobra Lilies. Ashley played with us for the better part of two years now and, of course, appears on In The Key Of Bicycle Bell wielding the mighty Thunderbird bass–and as vocalist on the first verse of “There’s Always Love.” She will be missed.

Our sadness is tempered with the pleasant news, however, that Ashley will continue on as bassist of the Monolators, so please say hi to her at the next Monos show.

Ashley Lily (center) in a pensive moment

Ashley Lily (center) in a pensive moment

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Cobra Lilies EP at Origami Vinyl right now

I am pleased to announce that Origami Vinyl in Echo Park now has copies of In The Key Of Bicycle Bell for sale–the very selfsame white silkscreened 12″ beauties that we unveiled last Saturday. Obviously you can also get a copy directly from us, too, but it would please us greatly if you’d support a wonderful local business like Origami. They are just a few doors down from The Echo…and a block away from Stories…and they’re open late and are wonderful people. We plan to play an in-store show there soon. Check it out! We’ve only pressed 250 of these things and at the rate we’re going with the silkscreening I HIGHLY DOUBT there will be more, so please do get yours while you can.

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Release show photos

Some photos from Saturday’s In The Key Of Bicycle Bell release show courtesy of LA Underground. Did anyone get shots of the fashion show? I hope so…

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Demolisten revisited

Thank you to all who came out to see the show on Saturday, and also thanks to all those who tuned in to our Friday set on KXLU Demolisten–apparently their stickam software showed 900 people watching during the show, which is more than I can wrap my head around.

For those of you who missed it, you can hear an archived mp3 of the show here.

And here are archived videos of the live stream! Thanks again to Fred, Octavius, Elaine, and everyone at KXLU, we had a wonderful wonderful time!

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Demolisten tonight! Record Release & Fashion Show tomorrow!

A little reminder that Cobra Lilies will invade KXLU Demolisten tonight to play a live set–show starts at 6pm and we will most likely play at around 7-ish. Probably the best way to witness this is via live video at Demolisten’s Stickam stream.

And then of course tomorrow night is the Cobra Lilies record release and fashion show at the very same venue, also $5, and you best be there sweetlips! Or else you’re gonna miss a spectacle and a half. Of some kind. Tommy Santee Klaws, Amanda Jo Williams and Moses Campbell are all playing! FFFFFFASSSSSSHHHHHIIIIIIIIOOOOOOONNNNNNNN SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW! Yeah!

An updated poster:

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Silkscreening the records

The new EP is coming out on one-sided, 45rpm 12″ white vinyl. That is pretty special in of itself but we wanted to up the specialness by doing a stupid amount of work, by hand, to each copy. So! We decided to silkscreen our logo onto the blank side of each record. Because blank vinyl is non-porous (unlike paper or a t-shirt) you can’t just silkscreen straight onto the record–you have to apply primer first, let it dry, and THEN you can print. We chose Pittsburgh Paints SealGrip which had the advantage of already being white–so it matches, sweet.

My original plan was to spray on the primer with a paint spraygun, except that our spraygun hasn’t been used for about 5 years and doesn’t work anymore. So I ended up applying it by hand with a brush, and then stippling the surface with a sponge to make it even. This was a really really slow process–I think it took me at least 2 hours to get primer onto 30 records in this way.

We also decided to order the records with blank white labels and have a custom stamp made for the playable (IE, non-primered) side. This seemed like a good idea, and it saved us some money (pressing plants charge about $150 just for printing labels), but it turned out to be NOT WORTH IT. Stamping 30 records also took a really really long time–you gotta be careful not to scratch the damn things. Also, the records aren’t perfectly flat in the label area–they’re sort of concave, and it’s hard to get the stamp to cover the entire label area. So, I won’t try doing that again next time.

Last night Mary and I printed the logo on the 30 primered records. Oddly enough this was the fastest part of the entire process. They look like this:


30 down, 220 to go! We’re hoping to have 50 ready for the release show. Wish us luck.

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