Silkscreening the records

September 10th, 2009

The new EP is coming out on one-sided, 45rpm 12″ white vinyl. That is pretty special in of itself but we wanted to up the specialness by doing a stupid amount of work, by hand, to each copy. So! We decided to silkscreen our logo onto the blank side of each record. Because blank vinyl is non-porous (unlike paper or a t-shirt) you can’t just silkscreen straight onto the record–you have to apply primer first, let it dry, and THEN you can print. We chose Pittsburgh Paints SealGrip which had the advantage of already being white–so it matches, sweet.

My original plan was to spray on the primer with a paint spraygun, except that our spraygun hasn’t been used for about 5 years and doesn’t work anymore. So I ended up applying it by hand with a brush, and then stippling the surface with a sponge to make it even. This was a really really slow process–I think it took me at least 2 hours to get primer onto 30 records in this way.

We also decided to order the records with blank white labels and have a custom stamp made for the playable (IE, non-primered) side. This seemed like a good idea, and it saved us some money (pressing plants charge about $150 just for printing labels), but it turned out to be NOT WORTH IT. Stamping 30 records also took a really really long time–you gotta be careful not to scratch the damn things. Also, the records aren’t perfectly flat in the label area–they’re sort of concave, and it’s hard to get the stamp to cover the entire label area. So, I won’t try doing that again next time.

Last night Mary and I printed the logo on the 30 primered records. Oddly enough this was the fastest part of the entire process. They look like this:


30 down, 220 to go! We’re hoping to have 50 ready for the release show. Wish us luck.

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  • 1. tommy santee klaws  |  September 16th, 2009 at 11:20 am

    i did the same thing with the labels when i got our 7″ inch pressed. i thought it’d be a good idea to save money and make a stamp instead. oh, boy, was i wrong. your records look awesome!

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