Karen Elson!

June 3rd, 2010

So, we are very excited to announce that we are playing at Spaceland next Wednesday with…her:


Who is that, you might ask?  Why that would be Karen Elson, that is.   Apart from fronting a band, she would be a model–Ariel Lily corrects me here and says “no, a supermodel”  (no really!  She really is an honest-to-god supermodel).  And also, let’s get this out of the way, Jack White’s wife.  Yes.  You heard me.  That Jack White.  And she has her own band, which you should check out here.  It turns out that, prior to forming her band, Ms. Elson has been making music for years now with The Citizens Band in NYC, so it’s not as if she just picked up a guitar and put out a record based solely on being pretty (NOT THAT THIS HAS STOPPED US, OBVIOUSLY).  The lady can sing.

Anyway.  We are very fortunate to have been invited to play this show, and we are excited!  We are going to kick out theee jams!  Just three bands, we go on first, at 8:30-ish.  I am told this show is close to selling out, so if you want to come, please oh please buy yer tix sooner rather than later or you will be sad sad sad.

Love, us.

PS: I think it goes without saying that Arial and Excelsior Lily are quite pleased at the prospect of playing this show, seeing as how the White Stripes was one of the biggest influences on the baby Monolators when they first formed.  De Stijl and White Blood Cells are forever seared into my brain.

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