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February 10 at the Echooooo!!!!!

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Hello hello hello! It’s been a long time! I should post here more!

It looks as if we Cobra Lilies are playing our show for February at the Echo! We are very excited about this, there will be room for our ANTICS. And antics it will/shall be. How many antics? FIVE! 5 5 5 antics! Try to count them yourself–you can’t! Ha ha ha ha! Unless you have five fingers, then you can. Maybe.

Plus we are playing with our bestest buddies Pizza! And the show is being presented by LA Underground! And this Findlay Brown gentleman who’s apparently on tour with Nouvelle Vague! I had no idea! So Nouvelle Vague aren’t playing our show, of course no, but Mr. Findlay is. All I can say is: POWER PACK EXPLODE!!!

PS: We rule!!!


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