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EP progress and…pictures from Silver Factory Studios

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Our (currently unnamed) 4-track EP is in the final throes of pressing and should be in our hands soon.  We have heard the test pressings and they sound wonderful, so we’re very excited.  What remains now is to (a) silkscreen artwork and (b) come up with a name for the damn thing.  Suggestions are welcome.

Also–here are a pair of pictures from the Kissing Cousins’ record release show last Sunday at Silver Factory Studios, courtesy of LA Underground’s Flickr:

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Silver Factory Studios w. Kissing Cousins on Sunday

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Dont look so sad Cousins!  Presumably youll be kissing soon, yes?

Hello hello hello

So our bosom buddies Kissing Cousins have their very first full-length record , Pillar Of Salt, coming out(it is available on iTunes as I type this) and they’re celebrating with a release show with ourselves and Restavrant this Sunday at Silver Factory Studios downtown! You should come, for lots of reasons!

1. Kissing Cousins are badical, they make my face melt like ice cream

2. We are also playing (at midnight)!

3. For some reason I’ll never understand the Cousins decided to record a cover version of a Monolators song! And put it on their record, all official-like and everything! And of course a bunch of Cobra Lilies are also in the Monolators, so you see it all ties in. Their version of “Red Lamb” is way redder and lambier than the original, and I am extremely jealous. I am told they’re going to play it at the show and I am super excited.

4. We have lots of new material, including our first choral piece and the lead singing debut of Arial Lily! Wozza!

See You Thaeere! Silver Factory Studios is at 915 Mateo St., Los Angeles, California 90021

And it’s free!

PS I keep reading “Pillar Of Salt” as “Pilar Of Salt.” I am sure I am like the 5 billionth person to mention this.

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