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Tonight at 9:00 sharp!

Hi everybody–

We are playing tonight at HM157 with So Many Wizards and Ladies Auxiliary–and we go on at 9pm sharp!  9PM!! Not later!  We will not wait for anybody!  So yes, please come!

Also, look at this very nice writeup (old picture tho) by Falling James!  Very wonderful!


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HM157–Postponed no more!

Hi everybodyy!!!

Well, your patience & virtue & soft sugary lips are about to be rewarded, because our long-delayed HM157 show is roaring back to life!  It’s happening FOR SURE on Saturday, July 17 at 9pm!  Tommy Santee Klaws had to drop out, sadly, but taking their place is our dearest darling friends So Many Wizards!  And instead of Cat Hair Ensemble we’ve got Rod & Andrew’s other band, Ladies Auxiliary!  So, similar but different, and totally wonderful!  Please come!

Facebook link! Like MAGIC LIGHTNING!


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Karen Elson!

So, we are very excited to announce that we are playing at Spaceland next Wednesday with…her:


Who is that, you might ask?  Why that would be Karen Elson, that is.   Apart from fronting a band, she would be a model–Ariel Lily corrects me here and says “no, a supermodel”  (no really!  She really is an honest-to-god supermodel).  And also, let’s get this out of the way, Jack White’s wife.  Yes.  You heard me.  That Jack White.  And she has her own band, which you should check out here.  It turns out that, prior to forming her band, Ms. Elson has been making music for years now with The Citizens Band in NYC, so it’s not as if she just picked up a guitar and put out a record based solely on being pretty (NOT THAT THIS HAS STOPPED US, OBVIOUSLY).  The lady can sing.

Anyway.  We are very fortunate to have been invited to play this show, and we are excited!  We are going to kick out theee jams!  Just three bands, we go on first, at 8:30-ish.  I am told this show is close to selling out, so if you want to come, please oh please buy yer tix sooner rather than later or you will be sad sad sad.

Love, us.

PS: I think it goes without saying that Arial and Excelsior Lily are quite pleased at the prospect of playing this show, seeing as how the White Stripes was one of the biggest influences on the baby Monolators when they first formed.  De Stijl and White Blood Cells are forever seared into my brain.

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Heeeeyyyy little fishstix! To make up for our May show getting deleted, we actually have one coming up next week! Oboy! Do you remember The Scene in Glendale? We used to play there a whole bunch. Well now it’s called something else but I guess it’s still the Scene. Who is Labrie? Nobody knows! Nobody! I like that place though. I wonder if it still smells vaguely like pee?

We play early at 9pm. Free! Wozza! It will be TREMENDOUSLY EXCITING! We will pull some shenanigans!


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Our next show…

May 22 with Cat Hair Ensemble and Tommy Santee Klaws! Lookit this flyer? Can you resist this show? No you cannot. PUNX!


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Tonight at Silverlake Loungeee! 9 pee em

Hi hi hi–

A reminder: we’re playing this tonight!  We’re playing some songs we haven’t played for a while and probably should play more (well, at least one song).  It should be fun!  Come see our new bass player!  We go whooosh!  9pm.  Stay for Pizza!  And So Many Wizards!


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Some Cobra Lilies shows! And a new record (eventually)!

Hello! We are in the midst of recording our new (as of yet untitled) follow-up EP to last year’s “In The Key Of Bicycle Bell.” I am pleased to say that the overdubs are coming fast and furious, with many Lilies participating (in recorded form) that haven’t shared the stage with us for a while–hello Elma and Agnes! It’s a pleasure working with you, as always.

We also have some shows this month! Incredible!

On Monday the 19th we play the So Many Wizards residency at Silverlake Lounge along with our bestest buddies Pizza! We start the evening rolling at 9pm, so please be sure to come early. We have a new bass player who will join us at this show for the first time, although I can’t reveal her name because she hasn’t selected a Cobra Lily name yet. But be assured that she is indeed a human female.

Then on April 24 we are playing the Pasadena Armory! This will be an all-ages family-ish type event, and I am not sure exactly when we’re playing (early afternoon?) but I will deliver more information as it trickles into my spongy brain.

I wish to leave you with this:

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February 10 at the Echooooo!!!!!

Hello hello hello! It’s been a long time! I should post here more!

It looks as if we Cobra Lilies are playing our show for February at the Echo! We are very excited about this, there will be room for our ANTICS. And antics it will/shall be. How many antics? FIVE! 5 5 5 antics! Try to count them yourself–you can’t! Ha ha ha ha! Unless you have five fingers, then you can. Maybe.

Plus we are playing with our bestest buddies Pizza! And the show is being presented by LA Underground! And this Findlay Brown gentleman who’s apparently on tour with Nouvelle Vague! I had no idea! So Nouvelle Vague aren’t playing our show, of course no, but Mr. Findlay is. All I can say is: POWER PACK EXPLODE!!!

PS: We rule!!!


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Our Last Christmas

We just got back from playing a totally wonderful show at Echo Curio with Big Whup–at which we debuted our version of a well-known holiday classic, which you can listen to (and download) on our myspace page.

Perhaps I should use the word “classic” in the context of: “classic” to those of us who are of a certain age. We played this song to a crowd of (almost entirely) under-30-year-olds and got a series of blank stares, except for one or two gray-haired guys smiling and nodding in the corner. So don’t feel bad if you have no idea what we’re talking about here.

Happy Christmas.

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December (that means xmas) show–this Friday at Echo Curio

I know that we just played our November show last weekend, but guess what–our show for December fast approacheth!  It is this Friday at Echo Curio, with Big Whup, So Many Wizards, and Watercolor Paintings.  The show starts at 9pm and we go on at 10.

It is an Xmas themed show, of course–there will be a carol.  We’re not telling you which one, though.


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